Coronavirus Situation

Due to the very fast developing COVID-19 (Coronavirus) situation, we would like to reassure you that we are taking relevant actions, within Government guidelines, but please note it is business as usual for us at Kingsley and we shall remain open as long as we can/or be allowed to.

Be advised that all our staff have been briefed and we are ensuring that they are following the NHS guidelines on combating this virus. However, if any one of us shows signs of the virus or show any relevant symptoms then we will, without fail, self-isolate and deep clean the premises.

Customers, Staff and Suppliers Safety Measures

Safety is our top priority, making sure our customers, staff and suppliers stay safe within our premises. We are ensuring that cleaning and hygiene protocols are even more rigorous than usual. All of our staff are following personal hygiene guidance and are regularly washing their hands. We also have hand sanitiser available on the counter for everyone. Cleaning of door handles, credit/debit card machines and public areas is happening at regular intervals. We have also suspended our breakfast and lunch time meetings for the foreseeable future.

Stock Levels

We are in constant contact with our regular suppliers and, at present, are not experiencing any supply concerns. This situation may change and if it does, we will keep you fully informed.


Our deliveries are still happening at the moment. Going forward these may have to be changed to “front door” or “kerbside” deliveries to avoid any unnecessary contact. Could we also ask that if any of you experience any symptoms of the virus please call us or email us your requirements and if we can assist we will.

Finally, please take care and stay safe through this continued period of uncertainty.


Many thanks


Sarah and Neil

Kingsley Bathroom Plumbing & Heating